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February 18, 2016
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You should use GarageBand like a simple audio file editor. Just drag and drop a seem file into GarageBand to edit it. You are able to adjust the amount, eliminate areas of the seem and apply filters. After that you can export like a standard seem file or perhaps a compressed file.

Video Transcript
On present day episode let us use GarageBand to edit some audio. Some I'm frequently requested how you can edit a bit of audio around the Mac. Is the a course someone may use? Well GarageBand is a superb audio editor. It's not necessary to make use of all the background music stuff within the special features. You can easily utilize it to edit a sound file. Let us do this at this time. Here I've produced a fundamental GarageBand file. I simply find the piano default project. Now I will remove the only real file that's there the Grand Piano by choosing on this link and striking Command Remove. Therefore it provides me with a totally empty GarageBand project. I have got a sound file here that I will drag in it. Now it may almost be any format within this situation it's AIF format might be wav happens to be an mp3.I am likely to drag it and drop it into el born area and it'll import the audio immediately. I'm able to playback the seem by pressing the play button at the end. I'm able to position within the seem by dragging the marker up here and I can tell the red-colored line going too in order to visit any reason for the seem. Like here and may begin to play. Now I'm able to see the wav form closer by double hitting it and it'll open the Audio Region editor lower here. You can observe when i drag the cursor here at the very top I can tell the red-colored line here and I'm also able to se it lower here. Here I can tell a far greater look at the audio wave form. If I wish to split the track in certain location the edit out some seem at the start. Let us say I wish to edit out this primary bit of seem here. So I wish to edit that first bit out immediately. So I wish to work there. What exactly I would like likely to do is to visit Edit and Split and will also split it into to regions. You can observe I'm able to choose the very first region or even the second region representing the relaxation. I'm able to simply choose this and I'm also able to go over here as well as in the Audio Region editor and may begin to see the two different sections immediately. I'm able to choose this the following and that i can easily press remove and that i can move this to the left simply by dragging it. And today I've edited out that first little bit of audio. I'm also able to do this lower below here. I'm able to choose el born area here and just press Remove which will remove the location. I'm able to then move it over. I'm also able to do this in the centre too and also you observe how it splits the track here. You can now also have fun with the level of a track. If you choose the track click this little button here and it offers a superior the Track Volume. After that you can click to produce points and adjust the amount like I'm able to progressively lower the amount here. Get it lower for some time progressively increase it hear here such things as that. I possibly could boost a place like this. Do all kinds of things and you may always preview your changes. If I wish to modify the way it sounds I acquired to trace Info like so and that i have a lot of filters here around the left. In order to choose one say Vocals and that i may take one and say use Helium and continue to listen to it with this filter applied. You are able to edit a filter around you would like. Visit the editing tab here see all of the effects which are put on make that filter. You are able to choose one proceed and alter all kinds of things about this. So that you can experiment for your heart's delight making special affect for that seem. Now after you are done editing the seem and also you have it just how you want you will get it of GarageBand by selecting Share after which Export Song to Disc. Here we have got a bit of options if you do not you choose compress you receive a AFI that is a raw audio file from the greatest quality. Should you choose compress you may choose a lot of things including Mp3 Encoder and choose Quality after which hit Export and Title your file and reserve it anywhere that you would like. So I think you'll like this glance at editing audio in GarageBand till the next time this Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost.

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