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July 26, 2015
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Belkin F8V235
Belkin F8V235 Audio Splitter Cable

The Belkin F8V235 audio splitter cable includes a nickel-plated connector plug and minimal interference with shielded cables. The cable includes a 3.5 mm stereo system connector to stereo system RCA connector, permitting customers for connecting PC seem cards to some stereo system. It may also connect other audio sources, for example Compact disc gamers, stereo system devices, and a number of loudspeakers which have a 3.5 mm jack, and much more. Testers recommend the Belkin F8V235 audio splitter cable since it is quality products in a decent cost.

Monster Cable 1000YSPLTWW Y-Splitter Cable

Monster Cable's 1000YSPLTWW Y-splitter cable gives customers the opportunity to control the amount individually on their own particular earphones. The Y-splitter cable easily connects to a multitude of mobile items, including Apple, Android, along with other products. Built of tough Duraflex material, the Monster Cable 1000YSPLTWW will go anywhere customers need these to, whether inside a vehicle, plane, or bag.

RadioShack 42-2540 Y-Splitter Cable

The RadioShack 42-2540 Y-splitter cable is really a gold-plated audio splitter cable. Unlike other models, this gold-expected place amplifies seem by reduction of signal loss. The reduced-capacity fittings generate a distortion-free signal with the adapter cable's shielded material. Testers observe that all of these functions alllow for a much better cable that provides good seem quality.

The new sony 3.5 mm Audio Y-Splitter Cable

The The new sony 3.5 mm audio Y-splitter cable enables customers to hook up with a number of products, including stereo system loudspeakers or earphones. The style of the The new sony 3.5 mm audio Y-splitter cable gives itself to quality audio programs. The robust fittings help safeguard the plugs in the stress of inserting and unplugging.

RadioShack 42-25406 Tripp Lite P315 006 Y-Splitter Audio Cable

The Tripp Lite P315 006 Y-splitter audio cable splits seem towards the left and right stereo system loudspeakers, permitting proprietors for connecting their products for stereo system seem. This cable enables customers for connecting your personal computer, Compact disc player, ipod device, Music player, or any other audio device having a 3.5 mm reference to a sound device with RCA cable fittings. This can be a durable audio splitter cable, designed for life of performance.

The Hosa Y cable splits just one signal into two identical mono signals, permitting for multiple people to hear one device in order to connect multiple loudspeakers to 1 device. Well-liked by audio pros and music artists alike, Hosa Y cables provide quality and cost-effective prices.

Toslink Audio Splitter Cables

The Toslink audio splitter cable, used mainly with the The new sony PS3, enables its customers for connecting just one digital audio source to 2 different inputs. This causes it to be effective when hooking up a small disc or Music player to some loudspeakers or stereo system devices simultaneously too. The splitter comes outside of the cables. Testers such as this cable since it is effective for older components which have just one fiber optic input.

VasterCable 3.5 mm Stereo system Splitter Audio Cable

The VasterCable 3.5 mm stereo system splitter audio cable offers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and seem reproduction. The finish fittings have excellent to reduce stress, and also the entire cable has sufficient shielding to help keep out undesirable interference. Customers recommend it since it works together with apple ipods, Walkmans, Smartphones, computer systems, and many media and audio products.

10 Steren 255-010 Audio Y-Cable

The Steren 255-010 audio Y-cable supplies a shielded cable that enables customers for connecting various products, including multiple loudspeakers or even the audio connection on the stereo system receiver, and much more. The fittings possess a durable design, designed to resist the strain of inserting in or unplugging. The fully molded nickel-plated fittings give good seem no matter the unit it's linked to.

RadioShack 42-2540

Kinds of Audio Splitter Cable Fittings

Additionally to popular brands of audio splitter cables, customers should also complement their device's connector type towards the cable they're buying. You will find various 3.5 mm and RCA audio splitter cables available.

Connector Type


1 Male to two Female Audio Splitter Cable

Features female 3.5 mm containers

Most everyday sort of connector for several.5 mm cables

1 Male to two Male Audio Splitter Cable

Most everyday sort of connector for RCA audio cables

Both products have female RCA fittings

1 Female to two Female Audio Splitter Cable

Typically accustomed to add much more splits or products which have men 3.5 mm or RCA receptacle

Products have either 3.5 mm or RCA male fittings

1 Female to two Male Audio Splitter Cable

For products which have a 3.5 mm or RCA connector

Generally accustomed to split the signal for stereo system loudspeakers

Device customers should also determine that they would like to split the audio signal to be used on not only two products. They ought to purchase the appropriate type and number of fittings that permit them to connect the amount of products they are thinking about. They ought to likewise make certain the audio signal strength can hold the additional connections.

Find Audio Splitter Cables on eBay

To purchase audio splitter cables on eBay, first navigate to the eBay page. Then conduct searching while using Search engine. Key in key phrases that describe your products. You should use terms like "audio splitter cable, " for instance, to start your research. A listing of results appears and you may limit the outcomes by hitting the course options, which could include cost, brand, size, condition, along with other descriptors. For added help searching eBay, visit the Search Tips page.
When reading through through product entries, take serious notice of methods much each splitter costs, whether it's used or new, its color and size, along with other important relation to purchase, including shipping particulars. Seek advice from the vendor for those who have other questions by clicking the Request an issue link around the seller's listing page. Also review the seller's feedback rating to make certain other consumers ranked the vendor well.


Discussing favorite music with an ipod device, Music player, or any other mobile phone could make for any special link between family and buddies. Furthermore, splitting a sound signal when setting up a stereo system system enables for that positioning more loudspeakers to provide a much better overall seem experience for that audience. Audio fanatics need to understand that when they split the audio signal, the signal becomes less strong. Should they have any queries about whether a splitter could work using their system, they are able to request a sound specialist to learn more or search on the internet for help.
Audio fanatics also needs to make certain to obtain the correct kind of connector to correctly fit their products. After they have made the decision around the appropriate audio splitter cable for his or her needs, they are able to purchase items at local retail or electronic stores, online at various electronic sites, an internet-based at eBay for any secure and quality shopping experience.
RadioShack 42-2540 Tripp Lite P315 006 Hosa Y Cable Toslink
Source: www.ebay.com
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