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February 7, 2017
Free Audio Editor

SoundCloud 1If you don't possess a spot to host files or else you shouldn't cope with an FTP client, think about a freemium service like SoundCloud (2 hrs of audio located free of charge). Just like other 3rd party sites for example Slideshare.internet, there's a unique shortcode for audio recordings located at SoundCloud. Here’s how to locate it.

This task-by-step is presented inside a screen cast but still images. It starts in your tracks page, which is to view your submitted your audio recordings.

soundcloud 2

If you go searching for the upgrade (with this annual fee), then you'll upload your audio for your Media Gallery following a same process you utilize to upload a picture. So as tp place the audio right into a publish, click on the Place into Publish button make certain that there's no Link URL selected. WordPress will produce a standard audio shortcode.

soundcloud - 3Altering The Look Of The Conventional Audio Player

You are able to affect the width and colour of the conventional audio player.

The default player width is 290px. To alter the width, make use of the width parameter – don't give a space between your URL and also the separator []:

You may also alter the colour of the gamer by modifying a number of parameters. Just as with the instance above, the parameters ought to be a string separated only by [] similar to this:


Listed here are the colour parameters as well as their default configurations:

  • bg=0xF8F8F8
  • leftbg=0xEEEEEE
  • lefticon=0×666666
  • rightbg=0xCCCCCC
  • rightbghover=0×999999
  • righticon=0×666666
  • righticonhover=0xFFFFFF
  • text=0×666666
  • slider=0×666666
  • track=0xFFFFFF
  • border=0×666666
  • loader=0x9FFFB8
  • bgcolor=0xFFFFFF

Altering The Look Of The SoundCloud Player

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Positive Background Royalty Free Audio Files
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