Audio editing software

May 3, 2021
I haven t used it personally

Ocenaudio is really a mix-platform, simple to use, fast and functional audio editor. It's the ideal software for those who have to edit and evaluate audio recordings without complications. ocenaudio also offers effective features which will please more complex customers.

Miracle traffic bot is dependant on Ocen Framework, a effective library designed to simplify and standardize the introduction of audio manipulation and analysis programs across multiple platforms.

It creates your pc!

ocenaudio can be obtained for those major os's: Microsoft Home windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Which means you can invariably depend on ocenaudio on any computer.

It stays from your way

Regardless of the number of files are open, ocenaudio always remains responsive. Time-consuming tasks (for example opening and saving audio recordings, or using effects) run in background, permitting you to definitely focus on other files.

The consumer comes first

The introduction of ocenaudio started whenever a brazilian research group in the Federal College of Santa Catarina (LINSE) needed a simple-to-use audio editor packed with features for example multiple file formats support, spectral analysis and audio signal generation. ocenaudio development focuses mainly on usability, supplying the consumer having a natural and intuitive audio editing and analysis tool.

Audio Editing
Audio Editing
Tracktion Software - Editing Audio
Tracktion Software - Editing Audio
Understanding EVP using Audio Editing Software.flv
Understanding EVP using Audio Editing Software.flv
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