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September 22, 2022
Audacity, the free

Audio File Formats Based on Audacity

The audio formats importable by Audacity as shipped are:

You are able to install the not compulsory FFmpeg library to import a significantly bigger selection of audio formats including AC3, AMR(NB), M4A, MP4 and WMA (when the files aren't DRM-protected to operate only particularly software). FFmpeg may also import audio from most video clips or Dvd disks that aren't DRM-protected. On Mac OS X only, Audacity can import M4A, MP4 and MOV files without FFmpeg.

Older uncompressed file types for example WAV with U-Law or IMA ADPCM encoding are usually supported as long as they contain properly formatted header information.

Sample Rate and Sample Format of imported files

Audacity always imports files in their original , as displayed within the Track Information Part of the Track User Interface.

When posting personal files into a clear project window (of course occurs when using as referred to below), the work Rate control in Selection Plugin changes if required to mirror the speed from the file. The Work Rate determines the sample rate personal files is going to be released at, so no further adjustment is required to export that file at its original rate. However, once there's already a sound tabs on any origin within the project (either an imported file, a recording or produced audio), posting a sound file won't ever alter the project rate.

Generally, Audacity imports files in the (bit depth) specified at Default Sample Format in Quality Preferences. This setting defaults to 32-bit float. Therefore automatically an imported file can have within the Track User Interface as 32-bit float, even when its original bit depth is gloomier. This is the best for high-quality editing. Even when you select a lesser Default Sample Format than 32-bit float, Audacity won't ever downconvert personal files which has a greater bit depth, as proven within the following table for WAV and AIFF imports while using standard uncompressed files importer.

Resolution of imported WAV and AIFF files using standard importer

File bit depth Resolution imported at
24 32
32 (default)

OGG is unusual for the reason that it'll always import at 16-bit resolution while using standard OGG Vorbis importer, regardless of Default Sample Format. This really is because of the style of the OGG codec. However OGG could be imported at 32-bit resolution using FFmpeg, as referred to at .

Four Methods to Import Audio

Whichever method you utilize to create a sound file into Audacity, the file is definitely imported right into a saved or unsaved Audacity project. The imported file always seems inside a new track for the reason that project.


Should you choose the command, then choose a number of audio recordings, Audacity will import the chosen file(s) in to the existing project. This really is helpful to create the information of a number of audio recordings right into a project that already consists of audio (for instance, to combine several audio recordings together).


When the project consists of or has ever contained tracks at some stage in its history (to ensure that and aren't empty), Open imports each file you choose into its very own new project window. For instance, choosing three files would create three new project home windows, each that contains among the files and every another project using its own history. This really is handy if you wish to apply different actions to various (or perhaps the same) files and simply compare the outcomes of every.

When the project is empty and it has never contained any tracks (for instance, you used to produce a new, empty project or accustomed to close a current project), Open imports the very first file in to the empty project window, then imports each subsequent file into its very own new project window.

Just like another three import techniques, Open doesn't directly open your best file(s). The imported audio information is changed into a lot of small files in audio format, protecting the present excellence of the data. Conversion happens even when you won't ever clearly save your valuable act as an Audacity project.

To save your valuable edits for an audio apply for the pc a person always has to select an Export command in the File Menu, even when you need to overwrite the identical file that you simply imported.

3. (Open Recent on Mac OS X)

This command imports just one file from a listing from the 12 most lately imported files or lately saved projects. The file opens inside a new window just as .

4. Drag and drop

On Home windows and Mac OS X

Drag and drop a number of audio recordings into a wide open Audacity project window: this is the same as .

Drag and drop a number of audio recordings to the Audacity icon: this is the same as .

On Linux:

Drag and drop files into a wide open Audacity Project window: this is the same as .

Drag and drop a number of audio recordings to the Audacity icon: just the first file will open. Several file pulled and dropped to the icon is going to do identical to the command for that first file, however the other files will generate a mistake message stating that Audacity has already been running.

While using file type dropdown menu on view and Import Audio Dialogs

This menu (known as "Format" on Mac OS X) consists of a listing of various file types.

Selecting a specific file enter in the menu works two functions.

The file type choice filters their email list of files within the window by restricting it to files of this type.

The file type choice determines which importer attempts the file first while using the Open or Import Audio dialogs. For instance, a WAV file might be imported by Audacity's native WAV importer or through the optional FFmpeg library if the was installed.

Furthermore, rules for that order by which different importers attempt files of particular types could be produced at Extended Import Preferences by having an choice to over-ride outdoors and Import Audio file type choice. See Import Blocking and Importer Order for additional particulars.

Posting Uncompressed Audio Recordings

Two of the most common uncompressed file types you will come across are WAV and AIFF.

Warning Dialog when Posting Uncompressed Audio Recordings

The very first time you import an uncompressed audio file into Audacity, you will notice this dialog.

For every imported file, you may choose:

Whether or not to copy the imported file's data in to the project in order to read its data from the file, as referred to below.

Whether or not to help make your copy or read directly choice permanent rather than show this warning again.

Import Techniques

Create a copy before editing (safer)

This is actually the default setting. If this choice is selected, Audacity copies the imported file(s) in to the project's audio data. It is necessary that files are replicated in to the project when the Audacity project will be moved, opened up on another computer or delivered to another person, or if you want to to maneuver, relabel or remove the initial files.

This method doesn't create a backup copy from the original file in the original location. If you won't want to lose the initial content from the file when conveying towards the same file title and placement, please alter the file title when conveying.

Read from the initial (faster)

If this choice is selected Audacity always reads imported files in the folder you initially imported them from, without copying them in to the project. Therefore with this particular option set, you mustn't move, relabel or remove imported uncompressed files, or even the folder they're in. The benefit of this method is you can begin editing a lengthy file quickly, since On-Demand Loading will be employed to import the file.

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