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June 26, 2015
Avg antivirus free - download

Simple to install
Don't suffer from it much
Has saved us from the couple of virus problems
Reasonably listed


You will frequently obtain a nuisance upgrade pitch.


Reliable, excellent value

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Free, appears to help keep most infections under control.

Pop-ups, gorilla tactics to trick less savvy customers into having to pay for services they do not need, wrongly adverting sales once the prices haven't transformed

Avast you had been the tool so it professionals accustomed to safeguard their consumer towns outdoors of labor. Every IT professional supports buddies and family and also you was once one of the leading tools for the reason that toolbox. Rather than attempting to trick the customers we support together with your product you might have been honest regarding your services. The customers that reliable us to provide them a dependable experience. Now I suggest Kaspersky to customers who would like a far more comprehensive anti-virus suite since i can't trust you with my status. I suggest Avast if they're searching for a totally free solution but it arrives with an alert regarding your advertising tactics.

Avast gives protection because it has for a long time. That some of it will get 5 stars.

Nagware. Avast within their "infinite knowledge" has made the decision to nag the heck from it's customers to get these to capitulate into purchasing the merchandise that unless of course an individual will a shopping, internet banking along with other financial transactions is simply not needed.

SHAME on Avast for such ruthless tactics!

Nagware never creates me! I simply find another solution. Within this situation it's 360 Total Security. I have used 360 for around annually now on several computer systems with every bit as good of luck when i ever did with Avast.

Bye permanently to Avast! .or at best before the nagware is taken away.

It appears to perform a fine job. I have didn't have issues with infections and it was very east to setup and current.

You suffer from frequent "encouragements" to upgrade to Professional.

file, mail and web protection = good
wi-fi compatability security=good
software update =good
98 percent test score
we have attempted to check virus test within our pc

exactly why herpes issue in the application winrar
when the file while using password and extract herpes but not one other anti-virus detected
means less enhanced with this software
please try

protection good job

Is effective. Free version.

Free versions could also have more.

I love the merchandise and appreciate getting a totally free option.

- You are able to 430 blaze it while no quick gathering
3. It's much protection which means you dont getting any std's from online helps
4 . Dank memes get danker by utilization of the product.
7. Has built-in seem boards

1. Sinking
2. Open world feels more lining a rail shooter
3. graffiks are dated
4. no built-in seem board

Overall its an excellent product. I'd rate it 3/1 for honesty and 6/7 for exploration. Overall the disposable version is essential upgrade on only $ 20. Not pay2win like Norton.

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Provides on everything claims and much more

Multiple advertisement daily may become annoying.

Protection and lots of features for example all installed software update monitoring are wonderful.

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